Law Firm Management and Operations Consultants for Small to Mid-Size Law Firms

Our expertise comes from years commitment to law firm management and consulting. We have worked exclusively with small to mid-size law firms across the nation. We have proudly staffed our team with experts who are always studying best practices for law firms while gaining industry knowledge in law firm marketing and management. 

Our team became involved in helping law firms with their problems as a direct result of our own experiences.  Each team member has been previously employed in a law firm making them uniquely qualified in law firm operations and able to effectively evaluate your firm.  

RJH Consulting is not a typical consulting firm. Here’s what makes us different:

  • TEAMWORK: We take our client relationships very seriously. We’re investing in you as much as you’re investing in us.
  • CONFIDENCE: We are selective with our clients to provide the best and give you the attention you need.
  • COMMUNICATION: We communicate to agree on target goals instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • TRUST: We proactively establish a trusting, dedicated relationship with you and your team.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We’ll challenge you to demand excellence from yourself and your team.
  • UNIQUE APPROACH: We know the difference between coaching and consulting, and offer both as needed.
  • EXPERIENCE: We expect that your first conversation with us will give you revelations and peace of mind for moving forward with what you’re doing.


Industry Knowledge

Our consultants have been in the legal field for many years. They have seen what works in firms across the nation and brings that knowledge to you.

We Work As A Team

We are not like most consulting firms where you are assigned someone who is following a predefined scope of work. We join your team, we gain buy-in, and we become an integral part of the change and growth in your organization. Your success is our success!

Guaranteed Results

We live by the motto "Our Success Is Your Success". We do what it takes to make your firm advance to the next level.