Newspaper Quotations By Bob Henderson, who Provides Management and Legal Services Consulting to Small to Mid-size Law Firms

Bob Henderson, who provides law firm consulting services to small to mid-size firms nationwide, is recognized nationwide as an expert on law office operations, and has been frequently quoted in numerous newspapers, journals and magazines. Below are some of the newspapers Bob has been quoted in.
USA Today-February 7, 2005
ABA Journal
Associate Bonuses. October 20, 2005
Law 360
Defense Firms Venture into Contingency-Fee Game. June 6, 2008.
Merger Talks Between Heller, Baker Fall Apart. August 12, 2008.
Mayer Walks Away From Merger Talks with Heller. September 15, 2008.
Firms Need to Toe Economic Line During Slump. October 16, 2008.
Cadwalader Looks to Demote Managing Partner. November 18, 2008.
General Counsel Could Begin Hiring Fewer Firms. December 16, 2008.
Even Partners Face Ax as Law Firms Cut Deeper. February 4, 2009.
Firms To Follow Dewey, Consolidate Offices. February 4, 2009.
In Downturn, Windows Remain for Building Business. April 2, 2009.
Steps Firms Can Take Now to Prevent Dissolution. July 23, 2009.
Prominent Firms Lag in New Ranking. November 13, 2009.
Cooley Godward Unfreezes Salaries for 2010. January 25, 2010.
Memphis Business Journal
Baker Donelson adds veteran expertise to beef up gaming industry practice. March 5, 2010.
Law Office Administrator
What Are The Duties Of A New Administrator? January, 2001.
Partner Retirement. July, 2001.
How to Deal with-And How to Avoid-Non-productive Partners. July, 2002.
Dealing With the Alcoholic Partner. March, 2003.
Calculate the Cost of the Firm’s Unbilled, Unpaid Hours. October, 2005.
Counting Partner Dollars and How to Tell a Partner to Do a Better Job. November, 2005.
An Operations Analysis. June, 2006.
Engagement Letters. June, 2007.
How To Meet, Greet, And Win Respect From A New Managing Partner. November, 2007.
Leveraging Associates and Paralegals for Profit. May, 2008.
Some Pokes and Prods to Get the Billers to Turn In Time On time. June, 2009.
Seven Areas Where Simple Waste Eats Up the Profits. September, 2009.
The National Law Journal
Two More Big Law Firms Lay Off Lawyers. October 17, 2008.
How One Small Firm is Coping With the Economic Crisis. November 26, 2008.
Fulton County Daily Report
What Happens to Summer Associates Next Year? June 11, 2008.
The Canadian Bar Association
Yes, You Can Manage Effectively While Maintaining a Practice. April, 2009.
Kansas City Business Journal
Merger of Equals Benefits Both Husch, Blackwell. September 28, 2007
Stinson Morrison Finance Clients Have Billion Dollar Week. November 2, 2007
Handling Staff. January 30, 2006.