“Bob & Jan, Thank you SO much for your guidance and advice. . . . and the swift-kick-in-the-pants. It feels good to be productive again.”

Matt Davidson

Tucker, Davidson & Hines

Three Rivers, Michigan

“I hired Bob and Jan to assist with future planning for my law firm. They were extremely knowledgeable, prompt and helpful. They have innovative ideas and work well together. I am extremely pleased with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Courtney Spencer

Courtney Spencer Law

Middletown (Hartford), Connecticut

“I wanted to echo Liza’s comments yesterday about how much we appreciate the great work you two have already done to help us understand our firm better. We are immensely glad that we found you, and we are looking forward to implementing strategic steps in the days ahead that we know will help us succeed. I especially appreciate that it feels like you are in this thing with us, and that you are pulling for our success. The whole experience has been just great.”

Julie Heath

Farrow-Gillespie & Heath

Dallas, Texas

“Bob and Jan assisted our law firm with a series of issues: succession planning, budgeting and a marketing strategy. They were great throughout the entire process, and not only listened to our expressed needs and concerns, but were able to help us develop detailed strategies to deal with each. They also agreed to monitor our progress and answer questions as we go along, rather than simply bidding us a fond farewell after our check cleared. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Peter Cuttitta, Managing Partner

Porter Simon

Truckee (Lake Tahoe), California

“I had reached a plateau in the growth of my practice after 18 years. I worked with Bob & Jan to formulate a plan for the future which revitalized the firm as well as me individually. Their insight into all aspects of my practice was invaluable. I am very pleased to have worked with them. Great folks too!”

Mike McCready

Michael P. McCready & Associates

Chicago, Illinois

“I own a small but growing law practice in the Chicago area concentrating on estate planning, probate and trust administration. I hired Bob and Jan in December to help me figure out compensation issues. They have been very easy to work with, giving me excellent advice that has resulted in a restructuring of my practice. Now it is just mid-February, and though still early in the process, my associates are now incentivized to make more money for themselves and the firm. My managing associate is also incentivized to distribute and manage work so that it flows evenly. It is likely that Matlin & Associates, P.C. will utilize Bob and Jan’s skill and knowledge to benefit the practice in other ways.”

Eric Matlin

Matlin & Associates

Norhtbrook (Chicago, Illinois)

“You guys did an outstanding job”

Jim Angell

Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson

Salina, Kansas

“I have been impressed with both Bob and Jan because they are completely reliable — when they say they will do something, they do it, on time and on budget. I have also been extremely satisfied with the quality of their work, and particularly their insights into the management of a small law firm. They have made excellent recommendations that we have implemented and from which we are already seeing results. Finally, both Bob and Jan are honest — they will tell you what you need to know, which may not necessarily be what you want to hear. That is a quality hard to find these days. I would wholeheartedly recommend RJH Consulting to anyone in need of advice regarding the management of a law firm.”

Jim Arnold

Arnold Law Firm

Columbus, Ohio

“RJH Consulting was exactly what my law firm needed "to get to the next level." We had enjoyed moderate success in recent years, but had reached a plateau. Bob and Jan Henderson professionally evaluated where were currently and where we wanted to be, and assisted us with a detailed, written plan to get there, including concrete steps to take (i.e., delegate or outsource many administrative functions, such as bookkeeping; giving the attorneys uninterrupted blocks of time to complete their work; etc.) Bob and Jan truly understood how small and mid-size firms operate, the road blocks to their success, and what works best to create a profitable, sustainable, and successful law firm. We not only hired them as our consultants, but have "signed up" for the monthly coaching in order to make certain that we implement the recommended changes as smoothly as possible. Our entire office was very pleased with Bob and Jan. We recommend them without reservation.”

John Giuffre

Guiffre Law Office

Floral Park, New York (Long Island)

“I hired Bob and his partner Jan Friedlund Henderson to help me work through some issues at my law firm. The problems were complex and had been in existence for a long time. These were "hot button" issues like compensation structure for other members in the law firm, division of work responsibility and assignment of support staff. Bob and Jan did a marvelous job of expeditiously sorting through and solving issues that I had struggled with for a long, long time. They further made a wonderful presentation to the other members of the law firm and the staff which got us all on the same page and working towards common goals. They devised a compensation structure that everyone sees as fair and created an atmosphere of teamwork. I highly recommend them both.”

John Sloan

Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry

Longview, Texas

“For a decade, Bob and Jan Henderson have been a tremendous resource for our readers. Their knowledge, experience, and ability to address complex law firm management problems with clear, concise solutions make them one of my favorite points of contact. When I want to cover a challenging law firm management topic or answer a tough reader question, I turn to RJH Consulting.”

Bill Kimbro, Editor

“The primary value of using you comes in getting a consultant who understands relationships-someone who can communicate with the key people, figure out the issues, and work with the firm, on a straightforward basis, to resolve the issues and give a practical plan for the future. The real value a consultant brings isn’t going to be found in textbooks or technical writings, or in number crunching. What you provide is far more valuable–a frank assessment of the situation, identification of the areas needing attention, and practical guidance to have continued success. You have the experience, the knowledge, and the communication skills to do that. Our firm is living proof.”

Marvin E. Blum

The Blum Firm

Fort Worth, Dallas Texas

“The guidance you gave us has been a key to our success.”

Ted Creason

Creason, Moore, Dokken & Geidl PLLC

Lewiston, ID

“I engaged Bob Henderson to provide consulting services to my law firm. As a former practicing attorney, Bob was very knowledgeable about the operations of a law firm, knew what to ask, what data he needed, and how to address and resolve issues. He was very communicative, followed up with us very well, and was always available. His integrity is unquestionable. I have recommended Bob since 2006 and will continue to do so.”

Mitch Fogel

Fogel Law Group

Palm Beach, Florida

“Over the past 15 years, our small firm has engaged Henderson to conduct two firm reviews, to facilitate one retreat, and to assist in the recruiting of two lateral hires, three new hires, and an office manager, all with generally positive outcomes for the firm.”

Rich Hennig & Steve Aron

Aron & Hennig, LLP

Laramie, Wyoming

“All of us are very appreciative of the good job you did. We have followed many of your recommendations, which have made a big difference in efficiency and the bottom line.”

Don Charnetski

Brierly Charnetski

Grinnell/Newton, Iowa

“I cant tell you enough how much your consultation helped Ben, Dana and me.”

John Brady

Andrews, Brady and Winter

Tampa, FL

“The firm is going to pay for your extra 2 days in San Antonio. They were very pleased with the outcome of the retreat.”

Pat Zoll

Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer

Kansas City, MO

“I can't say enough about what you did for us”

Rick Mitchell

formerly of McCabe & Mack

Poughkeepsie, NY

“You have a special knack as a facilitator”

George Gabel

Holland & Knight

Jacksonville, Florida

“When my small law firm was having growing pains, I knew I wanted a consultant who had real world experience in managing a firm and who had a specific concentration with small law firms. I asked around and trolled the Internet and eventually selected Bob. I am glad I did. While Bob's counsel would be valuable to a larger firm, I like that he "gets" the unique challenges of smaller offices. My Elder Law firm had grown beyond my ability to manage it but not to the scale where I could have the resources of a larger firm. I was in that awkward in-between phase. Bob understood my challenges. Bob also found new problems I did not even know existed but which were significant drains on resources. Bob helped define my options and then followed through by linking me with larger firms with substantial infrastructure. I opted not to go with the "big boys" and instead took Bob's advice about optimizing the management capability appropriate for my firm. Four years later, I am still implementing "the Bob plan" and while I still have expected challenges, I continue to reap the rewards of my time with Bob. I highly recommend Bob to my colleagues and am pleased to be available as a reference.”

Scott Solkoff

Solkoff Legal, P.A.

Delray Beach, Florida