COO Services for Small to Mid-Size Law Firms

RJH Consulting offers virtual operational services for small to mid-size law firms across the nation.  Our “Virtual COO” services is designed for our team to serve as your operations personnel whether it be an Operations Director, Office Manager, or Firm Administrator. As your COO, our team will identify your top goals, manage your team to move towards those targets, and handle the day to day operations of your firm.  Our team will lead virtual meetings with a set agenda, coach personnel, serve as your operations guru by implementing process and procedures to increase workflow efficiency. We also make on-site visits as often as necessary to achieve the goals set for the role.

A law firm functioning at its best has systems and processes for every aspect of their firm as well as an operational point person who can navigate the challenges that come with managing a law firm.  By serving as your COO, our team gives you what you need for growing a profitable law practice.

As a Virtual COO, we can provide the manpower for operational projects such as:

Developing and Implementing a Client Service Plan
Developing and Implementing Policies and Procedures from Reception to Human Resources
Identifying Key Performance Indicators in each Department
Create Benchmarks for set KPI’s
Monthly Management Reporting with Key Stats
Monthly Attorney Production
Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Employee Review
Human Resources Support including Hiring, Termination, and Discipline
Day to Day Operations

If you are a solo practitioner or manage a team and simply do not have the time to dedicate to working on your business, we can help.

We will tailor our  COO services as we do our consulting.  We work with your budget.