Pink slipping partners who don’t produce

A recent Wall Street Journal article indicated that in view of today’s lackluster demand for legal services, some firms are handing out pink slips to partners who don’t produce. We are wondering what has been the experience of small law firms. Are you taking a harder look at the contributions of the members of your firms? Have you considered dismissing or demoting lawyers who don’t produce?

Compensation of attorneys

Bob and Jan Henderson have recently been designing compensation formulas for partners and associates that reward their contributions to over-all firm profitability, rather than simply rewarding hours billed or other measures that don’t necessarily contribute to firm profitability

The Harm of email

I strongly advise all of my clients never to say anything in an email that they would not say directly to the person’s face. I have observed countless examples of nasty, insulting emails sent by one person to the occupant of the very next office, when they could easily have gotten up and gone to the next office to communicate their thoughts in person. Almost invariably, they would not have said the…