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Legal Management, Magazine of the ALA

Krystal Champlin was interviewed for Legal Management, the magazine of the Association of Legal Administrators. The topic was “Grooming The Next Generation.”

Krystal offered her expertise on how Baby Boomer and younger legal managers may have the same jobs, but there are differences in how they were trained and how they learn.

Click to read the interview here.

The Indiana Lawyer

Beth Slate was interviewed by The Indiana Lawyer regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legal industry.

In opposition to some negative opinions, Beth offered a positive view as “lawyers have been deemed essential workers and clients still need help with legal issues.” She proceeds to offer details for law firms looking to push forward during a challenging period.

Click here to read the rest of her thought-provoking interview.

Legal Marketing Radio

Krystal Champlin and Beth Slate were featured on Episode 28 of the Legal Marketing Radio podcast with host Chip LaFleur. The episode is titled, “How to Grow Your Law Firm the Right Way.”

One of the key points Krystal and Beth address is one of the foremost challenges law firms face as they try to grow is that law school doesn’t prepare attorneys for the business management side of law practice. As a result, lawyers struggle with where to turn their attention and how to define success using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Click here to listen to the podcast.


Beth Slate was a featured contributor to GuidePoint on the topic of “The New Rules For Law Firm Management.” To set the tone for this topic, Beth commented, “If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s you either bend with change, or it breaks you. This year has been one of true upheaval. We like to think we can anticipate, mitigate, and plan for the ups and downs of business, but I don’t think any of us saw this coming. We certainly didn’t think that COVID-19 was going to have this great an impact on our economy. The good news is that while we might be change-resistant, the legal industry does know how to handle a crisis.”

Click here to read the article on GuidePoint.

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