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Law Firm Management Consulting Services

Law Firm Consulting Is The Key To Facing Operational Hurdles

The legal marketplace is a competitive, challenging space for small and large firms alike. Having an edge is critical, and maintaining that edge is even more essential to successfully build a thriving firm. With so many balls in the air, our law firm consultants can guide you in the direction that best helps your law firm evolve.

We utilize a holistic approach that blends the aspects of law firm management to ensure your firm is aligned with the most effective and efficient processes, strategies, and organization as possible. We’re not like other consultants who assign an accounts manager to your firm and we do not provide general advice. Our consultancy is designed around the specific issues of your firm. We’re invested in the success of our clients. We combine individualized action plans, personalized service, ongoing and prompt responses, and an all-around attentive relationship with our clients, you’ll be in the right hands to get your law firm moving forward.

We’ve consulted with or conducted strategic planning retreats for more than 250 small-to-mid-sized firms nationwide. Contact us today if you’re ready to take the next step and build a growing law practice for years to come.

Law Firm Consulting Services Offered

  • On-Site Assessments
  • Strategy and Organization
  • Law Firm Analytics and Key Performance Indicator Metrics/Analysis
  • Operations Management
    • Including Office Procedures and Protocols
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Financial Analysis
    • Including Expense/Gross Revenue Ratio
  • Key Performance Indicator Metrics and Analysis
  • Metric Measurement and Analysis
  • Vision/Infrastructure Analysis
  • Strategic Planning Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Budget Planning and Profitability
  • Partner Compensation
  • Staffing Issues including Utilization
  • Key Person Coaching/Leadership Development
  • Case Management Structure and Workflow Optimization
  • Intake Structure and Workflow Optimization
  • Attorney/Departmental Efficiency Analysis
  • Operational Excellence
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Change
  • Business Process Management
  • Law Firm Transformation and Growth Strategies
  • Assistance in Practice Management Implementation and Structure
  • Partnership Agreements and Compensation Structure
  • Legal Departmental Workflow including Intake
    • Case Management
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting
    • Medical Record Structure
    • Client Services
  • Direct Hire Legal Personnel Recruiting
    • Including Lateral Hire Recruitment and Evaluation
  • Dashboard Development and Reporting

Law Firm Management: The 80/20 Rule

Law Firm Management: The 80/20 Rule

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Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act

Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act

How the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) Affects Your Business RJH Consulting is invested in the success of our clients and small business in general.  We will be doing our best to communicate new legislation and help as it becomes available. ...

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