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Get Connected With RJH Consulting's Network Of Preferred Partners

Get exclusive access to the top companies in the legal world to help your firm solve the complex problems you face every day. With RJH Consulting Partners, you’ll be able to optimize every area of your firm while maximizing profits and efficiency.

With RJH Consulting’s preferred partner program, you can work with:

  • Intake/Lead Management Third Party Providers
  • Professional Liability Insurance Providers
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Services for Law Firms
  • Legal Marketing Stragetists
  • Legal Digital Marketing Providers
  • Billing and Timetracking Software
  • Practice Management Software Vendors
  • Case Management Software Vendors
  • Medical Record Retrival Services
  • Legal Funding Providers
  • Virtual Reception and Intake Services
  • IT Solutions
  • Virtual Support Services

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