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Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Consultant Improve Law Firm Operations During Social Distancing?

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By: Krystal Champlin

The pandemic led to many managing attorneys taking a good, hard look at their law firm operations. Many law firms believed the only way to survive the pandemic was to cut pay and layoff their employees. For some, this type of cost control may have been necessary. What many legal industry articles seem to highlight is that the most drastic measures seemed to have occurred within the BigLaw sector. When it comes to smaller law firms, could a personal injury consultant lead to improved law firm operations as well as law firm productivity?

What Is a Personal Injury Consultant?
A personal injury consultant is a consultant who works specifically with personal injury law firms. The goal is to create the right systems and processes for the law firm that uses the proper analytics and metrics to monitor law firm productivity. In short, it’s management help for lawyers.
Improving Law Firm Operations During Social Distancing
Regardless of whether your law firm operations now take place inside or outside of your law office, this time of social distancing is an opportunity to assess how your law firm operations can be improved. Chances are, you already have the analytics and metrics even if you don’t recognize it. This information in its current state can be used to determine what’s working and where the workflow improvements should start.

Personal injury consultants can help your law firm by looking at both the internal workflow as well as the client experience. With the change in overall law firm productivity, it’s important to understand both perspectives as employees, current clients, and prospective clients are all affected by the pandemic and social distancing. It will all have an impact on your law firm operations plan as well as your analytics and metrics.

Is Personal Injury Consulting During the Pandemic Really Necessary?
Necessity depends on whether your law firm is meeting its current goals and whether it is headed on the path to meet its future goals. No one could plan for a pandemic but being able to readjust your law firm operations plan is key to remaining competitive as well as profitable. A personal injury consultant offers management help for lawyers to determine which workflows are ineffective.

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  • Are your current internal workflows resulting in the same level or at a better level of law firm productivity?
  • Are you able to serve your active and prospective clients with the same amount of care?
  • Are there better ways to reach and serve your target market who may not be able to work with you directly because of social distancing?
  • Do your analytics and metrics show that your law firm is progressing toward its goals and improving profitability?
  • Do your analytics and metrics point to areas that need improvement?
Making the Pivot: Management Help for Lawyers
At RJH Consulting, we know that the current environment is one of uncertainty for many small and medium-sized law firms. We’re here to help. We’ve provided management help to more than 250 law firms. Now, we offer personal injury consulting to help law firms develop individualized law firm operations plans that rely on analytics and metrics to improve both law firm productivity as well as the client experience during social distancing and beyond.

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