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Law Firm Consulting

Our in-house assessments are designed for us to get the “lay of the land” in your firm. This assessment is an in-depth overview of all departments, personnel, and infrastructure.  It allows our team to really get to know you, your vision, and bring light to issues often hidden under the surface.


RJH Consulting is a leading professional legal recruiting practice placing top professionals and executives in law firms nationwide. We’ve facilitated many successful hires for top firms. Our expert legal recruiters know how to vet a candidate and will partner with you to find the right top-talent for your firm.

Executive Coaching

A top-notch executive team is absolutely indispensable. Leadership guides the ship through all manner of business climates - positive and negative. We’ll help you turn your staff into the best supervisors, managers, and team-players they can possibly be. We coach your team—your whole team—to win.

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The RJH Difference

At RJH Consulting, your success is our number one priority. We know what success looks like for small to mid-size law firms. We have over 60+ years of experience consulting with over 250+ law firms nationwide who face the same operating challenges as you do. Our experience, coupled with our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of legal operations management, gives us a unique insight into solving complex problems with innovative solutions.

Unlike other consulting firms, we tailor a holistic consulting package to suit your firm’s specific needs. We won’t just check in on a phone call once a month, leaving you to figure out the rest. We assess your firm’s unique structure and work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that will make your operations smoother, more efficient, and more profitable. When you work with RJH Consulting, you work with professionals who know the legal industry.

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What We Do

Law firms today face a complex array of challenges and hurdles to becoming successful. Navigating the ever-changing legal landscape is complicated. If you wonder how your firm’s operations measure up with others or face challenges with issues such as enhancing firm management and operations, finding legal staff, organizational change, firm profitability, and equitably dividing the pie, consult with one of our law firm consultants today.

Our clients have found it valuable to have a seasoned, objective professional with law firm operations expertise to help design, implement, and plan for the future.

Having consulted with, or conducted strategic planning retreats for more than 250+ small-to-mid-size law firms nationwide, we’ve collected meaningful insights from working with this diverse cadre that inform our law firm business consulting.

Our job is to maximize your firm’s potential by using a philosophy of objectivity. We can identify, analyze, and apply our findings to ensure your business is operating at its peak. We’ll provide the holistic, all-around, supportive legal, law firm management consulting to get your team moving in the right direction and growing your law firm to new heights.

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Practice Areas We Serve

Our clients are primarily represented in solo, small, and mid-size law firms across the nation.

We have decades of experience in the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

Family Law

Criminal Law

Oil & Gas Industry


Real Estate

Mass Tort/Class Action

Business Litigation


ERISSA & Insurance Litigation


Elder Law

Litigation Defense

A Few Words From Our Clients

"RJH Consulting has really transformed my law firm in just the first six months. With the guidance of Beth and Krystal, our office has been able to implement practical and achievable policies, procedures, guidelines, and benchmarks that would have otherwise taken us years to develop and appreciate.

"Beth and Krystal are a real “1-2 PUNCH” when it comes to a law firm and business human factors and analytics with both of them providing professional insight and advice for different aspects of our company.

"Additionally, they're always accessible and bring a real family feel to what they do. They personally invest themselves in your business and share in your excitement when the results pour in. When looking for professional business consultants, look no further than RJH Consulting."

Jefferson Temple

Attorney, THE702FIRM

"I've had the pleasure of working with Krystal for over five years, in many different capacities. She's been instrumental in the growth and stability of the firm. You can generate business and have great processes in place, but without the right people, your firm will never reach its potential. Perhaps more than anything else, identifying, hiring, training, and motivating great employees is the key to success.

"Krystal brings her background in firm management to identify candidates who possess (or more importantly, can learn) the skills needed to thrive in the firm. Beyond the skills, she astutely assesses the individual and how they may fit into the firm culture. No matter how skilled the candidate, it must be the right fit for the employee and the firm. Krystal’s help has been invaluable to assembling the current team and all the success which follows."

Mike McCready

Managing Partner, Michael P. McCready & Associates

"I own a small but growing law practice in the Chicago area concentrating on estate planning, probate, and trust administration. I hired RJH to help me figure out compensation issues. They've been very easy to work with, giving me excellent advice that has resulted in a restructuring of my practice.

"Though still early in the process, my associates are now incentivized to make more money for themselves and the firm. My managing associate is also incentivized to distribute and manage work so it flows evenly. It's likely that Matlin & Associates, P.C. will utilize RJH Consulting's skills and knowledge to benefit the practice in other ways."

Eric Matlin

Principal, Matlin Law Group

"When we reached out to RJH Consulting, we knew we needed hands-on help in managing firm operations. From the very first Krystal and Beth dug in and began working not just with the partners, but with our entire team.  In the last six months, they've helped us find and install an incredible firm administrator, worked with our staff to train them on case management and increased performance output.  The increased engagement we've experienced from our entire team has created space for me to focus on growth. RJH has really delivered."

Mike Terani

Partner, Oakwood Legal Group

"I hired RJH to assist with future planning for my law firm. They were extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful. They have innovative ideas and work well together.

"I'm extremely pleased with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them."

Courtney Spencer

Principal Attorney, Courtney Spencer Law

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