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Legal Operations Management Done For You

Attorneys went to law school to practice law, not run a practice. The reality is that managing a law firm like a true business is time-consuming and hard work! A law firm functioning at its prime must have an operational point person who can navigate the challenges of running a law practice while still implement growth measurements to move your firm forward. If your law firm does not have an implementor, the tasks must be done by an attorney, which reduces revenue and job performance. 

Our Law Firm Fractional COO services provide the expertise needed to effectively manage operational projects and staff within your firm. Our team will identify your top goals, manage your team to move towards those targets, and handle the day-to-day operations of your firm. Additionally, we will lead virtual meetings with a set agenda, coach personnel, and serve as your operations guru by implementing processes and procedures to increase workflow efficiency. We also make on-site visits as often as necessary to achieve the goals set for the role.

Whether you need long-term operations support or short-term projects, let us run the business so you can do what you do best- practice law. Our team of experts will craft a plan that fits your needs and the needs of your firm.

As a Legal Fractional COO, we can provide the manpower for operational projects

RJH ConsultingDeveloping and Implementing a Client Service Plan
RJH ConsultingDeveloping and Implementing Policies and Procedures from Reception to Human Resources
RJH ConsultingIdentifying Key Performance Indicators in each Department
RJH ConsultingCreate Benchmarks for KPI’s
RJH ConsultingMonthly Management Reporting with Key Statistics
RJH ConsultingMonthly Attorney Productivity
RJH ConsultingMonthly, Quarterly, and Annual Employee Reviews
RJH ConsultingHuman Resources Support including Hiring, Termination, and Discipline
RJH ConsultingDay-to-Day Operations
RJH Consulting

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