Legal Intake Coaching Services

Take this short quiz so that you can better understand the health of the legal intake process of your law firm! Simply answer yes or no to the following questions.

  1. Are you retaining all of the prospective clients that contact your law office?
  2. Do you have the right systems in place for getting a retainer agreement in place as quickly as possible?
  3. Can your staff identify your ideal client (and do they understand the importance of doing so)?
  4. Does your staff know what services you offer?
  5. Does your staff know how to sell your firm?
  6. Do you know the status of all of your leads at any given time?
If you answered NO to any of these questions, our Legal Intake Coaching services is a must for your law practice. The legal intake process of your law firm directly impacts its success.
RJH Consulting helps your law firm improve the legal intake process to make it better for both your staff and your prospective clients. Here’s how we can help you.
RJH Consulting

How a Legal Intake Coach Can Help Your Law Firm

RJH Consulting’s coaches are highly trained and skilled in legal intake procedures. By applying our knowledge, experience, and expertise, our clients have seen a dramatic increase in their retention rates, a happier intake staff which translates into a better work product, and greater operational efficiencies.

In-Depth Review and Analysis Included

Our Legal Intake Coaching services include an in-depth analysis of your current intake and onboarding processes, a review of how you handle your calls, your lead process management, and the onboarding process for retained clients. The sessions are designed to enhance your intake and onboarding department, enable your team to make decisions to retain your ideal clients, and learn various sales tactics to increase your retention rate on the cases or clients who bring value to your bottom line. We also analyze whether your current marketing strategy is working and provide custom strategies when necessary.
RJH Consulting

Legal Intake Coaching Services include:

RJH ConsultingReview of current intake operations including analyzing intake stats, review of recorded calls, and intake procedures.
RJH ConsultingInterviews with team members to determine whether they fit in the intake specialist position.
RJH ConsultingRecommendations for lead tracking, system improvements, and workflow improvements, including the creation and implementation of scripts.
RJH ConsultingDevelopment of job descriptions with set key performance indicators.
RJH ConsultingWeekly training meetings with intake department to review calls, areas of improvement, and development of best practices.
RJH ConsultingAssistance with setting up a case referral system with fee tracking.
RJH ConsultingAssistance with development of set reporting by dedicated intake personnel to Partners and COO on departmental stats and trends.
RJH Consulting

Get the Intake Analysis help you need today!

If you are missing out on viable leads or do not know the pulse of your intake department or if you’re ready to retain more clients and improve the legal intake process while also ensuring that the right clients are brought on, contact RJH now for your free consultation.
With more than 60+ years of combined experience, our legal consultants can help you improve your legal intake process!

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