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Is your law firm operating like a true business?

Do you know how you are performing?

Do you know the industry benchmarks?

Are your marketing efforts actually working?

Do you have a plan for key players?

Do you have a vision and plan for growing your firm?

If you often wonder how the operations of your firm measure up to others, or if you wrestle such issues as enhanching firm management and operations, staff training, utilization, organization, policies and processes, firm profitability and efficiency, strategic planning or marketing, GET HELP now. Our clients have found that it is invaluable to have seasoned, objective persons with law firm operations know-how, like us. We assist you with every step of growing your business in the most effective, productive, winning way possible.

RJH Consulting is the premier law firm consulting practice that focuses on your success.  We do not simply get on a weekly or monthy call to discuss your problems. We help identify bottlenecks in your organization, develop a plan of action, and coach your team on how to achieve the results. We assess the details of how you run your firm, and tailor packages that will maximize your potential. Using the experience and insights we have gained over the years, we know what needs to be done to grow your practice and we know what works.

We don’t just give general advice - we pinpoint specific problem areas and do the work of finding the best solution. We build a client relationship that honors what lawyers do.  We invest in and care about our client’s success.

We have now consulted with or conducted strategic planning retreats for more than 250 small to mid-size firms nationwide.  


I am forever grateful to you for helping me get on track.

Marvin Blum, the Blum Firm Fort Worth, TX


“I had reached a plateau in the growth of my practice after 18 years. I worked with Bob & Jan to formulate a plan for the future which revitalized the firm as well as me individually.

Mike McCready - Michael P. McCready & Associates


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